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Transgo Rfe Switch Valve. 420 Repair Kit With Tool 545rfe 68rfe Rfe-sv420-wt

   Solenoid Switch Valve Repair Kit. This product fits 604, 606, 42RLE, 62TE, 45, 545 & 68 RFEs equipped with a. Addresses Multiple codes on various models such as Solenoid switch valve latched in L/R, Solenoid switch valve latched in TCC. L/R pressure switch rational or circuit error, OD clutch failure, Kills engine at a stop, TCC Slip and/or TCC control stuck off or on. If you need refills for this kit without tools order "RFE-SV420-NT". If you have questions please ask us. Note: Not all sellers are the same, checkout feedback score. Also don't always shop price because the...
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